2018 Board of Director and Member Services Committee Election Results!

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Thank you to everyone who voted and participated in this year’s election. There were so many passionate candidates and it’s fantastic to see such engagement within our members. In total, 81 Brokers and 497 Associates participated in the election. At the annual election meeting December 12, we announced the successful candidates, who are all listed below:


l to r: James Mabey, John Dempster, Jennifer Lucas, Michael Brodrick, Darcy Torhjelm, Chelsea Wooley, John Carle, Tom Shearer (Absent: Kathy Schmidt)

RAE Board of Directors - Elected Associate Directors:

  • John Dempster
  • Jennifer Lucas
  • Chelsea Wooley

Directors remaining on the Board:

  • Michael Brodrick, Chair Elect
  • John Carle
  • James Mabey, Past Chair
  • Kathy Schmidt, Vice Chair
  • Tom Shearer
  • Darcy Torhjelm, Chair

Member Services Committee - Elected Broker/Manager:

  • Stuart Neal

Member Services Committee - Elected Associates:

  • Gerald Tostowaryk
  • Parm Sidhu
  • Kathy Sharp
  • Brianna Warwick

Remaining Member Services Committee members (serving a 1 or 2 year term):

  • Tahnee Botten
  • Tyson Moroz
  • Erin Sneazwell
  • Jim Dhillon
  • Troy Paquette
  • Darlene Reid
  • Nathan Mol
  • Gary Zimmel
  • Frank Vanderbleek
  • Constantin Jr. Zanoaga
  • Chuck Mulholland